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If you get angry with your little sister because she wants to play with one of your toys and you push her away, causing her to bump into a table and break a flower vase, who is responsible for the damage? Is is your little sister because she bumped into the table? Or is it you because you lost control and pushed her out of anger?

Sometimes taking responsibility for your actions can be hard. Nobody wants to get in trouble, but is it fair to blame others for what YOU started by choosing the wrong behavior to resolve an issue?

Check out this story about Lemon...a clown that doesn't think there will be any consequences for choosing to not take care of his things. It's all about...




Once there was a clown named Lemon. 

He was a lot of fun, but also very careless. Whenever he did anything, he almost always ended up tearing his jacket, getting a hole in his sock, or ripping the knee of his trousers. Everyone said he should take more care of his things, but Lemon though that would be really boring.

Soon, the most important day in Lemon's life arrived. 

Everyone in town prepared a party for him, in celebration of Lemon's many years of service in making the citizens chuckle. On that day he wouldn't have to wear his colorful clown suit. He would be able to dress like anyone else, and everyone was sure to comment on how nice he looked in his suit.

However, the night before, he looked in his closet, and found there wasn't a single suit in good condition. They were all ripped and torn, Lemon couldn't possibly go to the party dressed in those. All that was fit for him to wear was his clown clothes. 

On the day of the party Lemon arrived, dressed like a clown, and everyone laughed as they always had, but Lemon was not happy. He had dreamed of being, just for one day in the year, the hero of the show, and not just the clown. Oh, how he wished he had listened to his friends and taken better care of his things!
Very early the next day, Lemon decided to start taking better care of his suits. Eagerly he replaces all the torn, worn-out clothes with clean, new ones. Soon all the people of the village was complimenting Lemon on how well he looked dressed in his new clothes. And that made Lemon very happy because now, he was more than just a clown in everyone's eyes.


Take a moment to think about your chores at home. Are you in charge of keeping your room clean? Do your parents expect you to help out around the house and look after the family pet?

How about at school? How does the teacher know if you understand the lessons if you don't turn in your homework? And do you walk quietly in a straight line to the cafeteria or do you race down the hall like a wild animal?

Choosing to behave in a certain way and remembering to take good care of your things are great examples to show the people around you that you know what the word RESPONSIBILITY means. And doesn't it make you feel proud inside when you know others are proud of you as well?

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