Friday, March 17, 2017


Becoming a Black Belt in martial arts takes time. If it were easy, a new student would be handed their black belt the moment they walked into the building.  

But receiving your black belt isn't the only difficult thing in life. There are other challenging things like...

Learning to ride a bike.

Flying a kite.

Passing a spelling test.

The tenet of PERSEVERANCE means never giving up. No matter what. Sometimes you fall down, but you always get back up and keep going. 

Even when it's hard.

Even when you look around and see other people might be stronger or even faster than you. The tortoise in this story knew he wasn't as fast as Hare, but it didn't matter because he had a secret weapon that would help him when he needed it the most...



The Tortoise and The Hare


There once was a speedy hare who bragged about how fast he could run. Tired of hearing him boast, Slow and Steady, the tortoise, challenged him to a race. All the animals in the forest gathered to watch. 

Hare ran down the road for a while and then paused to rest. He looked back at Slow and Steady and cried out, "How do you expect to win this race when you are walking along at your slow, slow pace?" 

Hare stretched himself out alongside the road and fell asleep, thinking, "There is plenty of time to relax." 

Slow and Steady walked and walked. He never, ever stopped until he came to the finish line. 

The animals who were watching cheered so loudly for Tortoise, waking up sleeping Hare. 

Hare stretched and yawned and began to run again, but it was too late. Tortoise was over the line. 

After that, Hare always reminded himself, "Don't brag about your lightning pace, for Slow and Steady won the race!" 


There will be times when you have to work really hard to achieve a goal.

Don't ever give up.

You've got what it takes to PERSEVERE and win the race!

  sponsored by the KICKS Kids Club

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